We are neighbors who advocate a pedestrian-friendly revitalization of Lower Town.

Lower Town used to be a bustling area filled with homes and businesses that the residents in the area used.  For instance, at various points in time, Lower Town had a post office, saloon, meat market, hotel, car wash, gas station, laundromat, drugstore, and a grocery store.

Unfortunately, Lower Town has declined. Many of Lower Town’s homes and businesses have been either abandoned or replaced by parking lots. Our goal is to reverse this unhealthy decline. We aim to:

1. Encourage the creation of more homes and businesses in Lower Town.  We are especially eager to attract businesses that would benefit the nearby neighborhoods, such as grocery stores and other retailers.

2. Make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bicycle to destinations in Lower Town.

If you share these goals, send us an email at lowertowna2@gmail.com to join our group.